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Busicomm is the Business English teaching service for businesses and institutions at IFI. Our mission is to provide the human capital with effective and comprehensive communication strategies and resources in the international business language.

Our Business English programmes aims at enhancing the communicative competences of our clients in relation to general competences, skills and know-how at work.

Our modular programmes are tailored to the specific demands of each company, combining training on general English, functional English and Cambridge Business English exams preparation.

Busicomm executes an action-oriented teaching approach, which is mostly practical. Thus, we regard our clients as social agents who have specific professional tasks to be carried out efficiently, in a business framework and within a limited and definite scope of action.

Our business English trainers design practical tasks that resemble proper business situations that the client should solve as a real problem. Supervised and motivated by our trainers, the client must act upon it appropriately and by putting in practice the most effective strategies of linguistic, sociolinguistic and pragmatic communication to achieve their goals.

Our corporate and institutional clients strongly value the excellent quality and usefulness of our innovative business English training.

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