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We are all unique and, therefore, we all learn in a different way.

Hence, we at IFI prefer to talk about methodologies, in plural. We design specific programmes for each teaching service, choosing the most adequate pedagogical methodologies for each lesson.

Our teachers work with an array of methodologies (Direct Method, Structural Approach, Total Physical Response, Communicative Language Learning, Task-Based Language Learning, Natural Approach, etc.) to come up with the most efficient and enjoyable teaching dynamics for each group of people learning a specific content.

Thus, our pedagogical approach is always learner-centered and action-oriented, aiming at developing communicative competences in English in relation to general competences, skills and know-how in English.

Motivation is the key factor in the learning process of a second language. The extrinsic motivation of each learner may suffice to achieve short-term goals, such as an exam. Nevertheless, acquiring a language demands a significant will-power, consistency through time as well as a positive attitude towards mistakes. Thus, our pedagogical approach pursues creating intrinsic motivation in each learner, promoting thereby the definitive acquisition of English.

Herein, the excellent results of our services are supported by the knowledge and expertise of our teachers and trainers.

It works!