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Testcomm is the training service for English language certificates at IFI. We design test-specific programmes for each exam (Aptis, Cambridge Exams, EOI, IELTS, etc.) and level of the Common European Framework of Languages (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Our purpose is that students master each of the components (contents and skills) of the test, thus ensuring success at the test. Students swiftly improve their level in our small-sized groups and with programmes tailored to their specific needs, performing regular tests to qualify their real progress. Our students enjoy the learning process because of its effectiveness and practical and intense lessons.

Our professionals manage a wide variety of certified teaching resources and execute a student-centered methodology in order to solve the specific demands of each student through the learning process.

Our students acknowledge their satisfaction since they feel truly motivated and supervised throughout the entire training. The achievement of the official language level simply is the effective result of this co-operative job.

testcomm trains.

testcomm works.