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Worldcomm is the functional English teaching service at IFI. Our programmes of functional English aim at developing comprehensively the communicative skills of our clients so as to enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and at work.

Functional English refers to using language with a specific purpose in a definite situation. For instance: how to appropriately use the language in a job interview or business meeting, where certain phrases, idioms and vocabulary are required. Likewise: how to use the language correctly in an informal discussion, appropriately adapting language register to that real context. Further, how to successfully solve the common and extraordinary issues that may come up on a trip

Our trainers design practical and enjoyable lessons in small-sized and homogeneous groups. Implementing participative methodologies of socialization , every class is focused on supervised discussion with specific communicative purposes. Thus, our clients develop their personality in English putting in practice the knowledge and skills acquired in English.

Our clients point out the effectiveness of our training to enrich their everyday life since it adds up a global communication tool to their personal culture.

worldcomm improves.

worldcomm works.